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New DMA Tutoring Center  is now offering Student Pick up!!


New Redondo Beach School Open!!



Friday, August 1st: Tournament Workshop begins!!

Attention everyone! We have a tournament coming up in October! If you want to be 100% ready and have a better chance at earning a gold medal, then sign up for either the Poomsae (Form) or Kyroogi (Sparring) division. Please ask your locations master for more information.



Friday, August 15th: Field Trip to Legoland!

What is something fun to do for the summer you ask? By going to Legoland with all of your favorite Masters of course!! So if you want your summer to be memorable then join us on this awesome day! Space is limited and they will run out soon, please register as soon as you can. Ask your schools Master for more information.


Saturday, August 16th: Testing

Please wear you FULL UNIFORM to the Testing, Thank you

Testing Times


White - Purple: 10:00am

Green - Poom: 11:30am


Jr. & Adult

All Belts: 1:00pm

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our hard working students that have earned the Student of the Month Award!

 Here we treat every student and parent as though they are a part of our own individual families. Some of the most important things that we teach our students are discipline, respect, and that "Nothing is Impossible!". If you have any questions please feel free to call, email, or just stop by one of our three locations. Welcome to the Dragon Family! Grandmaster Yong
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New Redondo beach location!!
 New DMA
Tutoring Center!
 New Private and Corporate Classes and workshops!

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